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I want to be your Pleasure Facilitator! I'm Jax, Sacred Sex Coach and Doula, Somatic Body Worker and Cuddle Specialist. I want to help you access all the pleasure your heart and body desires.   

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Erotic Embodiment Coaching

Who is Jax?

Hi! I’m Jax, your pleasure facilitator. Touched By Jax, is my Somatic Sexology and Professional Cuddling practice.

My own journey of self-love, discovery and healing has come from formal training and practical life experience. I am passionate about living a pleasure filled life want to help you find the same joy and healing that I know to be transformational.

I am a lifelong sex nerd, explorer and kink enthusiast. My journey to this work began with watching Dr. Ruth, Sue Johnson and Dr. Drew and giving personally researched sex advice to teenaged peers and has grown into me studying Tantra, erotic and platonic touch, and Somatic Sex coaching for the last 2 years with the Atlanta Institute of Tantra. What began as adolescent curiosity has become a desire to share the power that breath, meditation, movement and touch can bring to your sex, sensuality and healing.

Leading others to finding their pleasure and eroticism is who I am. My services are based on love, ancestral ritual and intuition. I am drawn to finding, building and fostering a pleasure community that centers and celebrates Black Femmes; helping them thrive in pleasure through teaching, coaching, connecting and holding space that invites freedom to heal. This work can be transformational but I specialize in bringing joy, freedom, lightness and play to my work.

I am a…

❤️Conscious Erotic Touch Practitioner

❤️Somatic Sex Educator

❤️Sex Doula

❤️Professional Cuddler

❤️Kink Enthusiast

❤️Globe Thotter

❤️District of Pleasure Guide

❤️Student of all things pleasure

Curious about how I can facilitate your return to the sexual divine being you are?

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